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Our Job Is To Make You Better

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Physical Therapy


Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! 
At SP Physio Sara is committed to making you feel welcome and comfortable. 
From neck pain or back pain to finger or toe pain, Sara will fully assess and discuss a diagnosis and management plan to fit in with you and your life. Appropriate treatment options and rehabilitation plans will be discussed to help cope with or alleviate the pains you are feeling.

Physical Therapist


No one likes to miss training! 

That niggle that you are feeling can be best managed at the first sign of discomfort and prevent long times away from the activities you love. Sports injuries can also set us back if they are not managed correctly.

From Pain in your little finger affecting your grip, to an instability in your knee affecting your whole training programme, Sara can assess and compile an injury prevention treatment plan, or hands on treatment to get you back to your best and training the way you want to!

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Returning back to "normal" post op or post fracture can feel very overwhelming. Sara can help guide you through this process to get you back to being you. 

Post fracture, removal of a cast can lead to stiffness of that joint, causing frustration and discomfort.

Operations can cause alot of swelling that can affect how quickly something improves.

Sara Can discuss and carry out the best treatment options for you on an individual basis



As an added treatment option to manual Physiotherapy treatment Sara can offer Acupuncture for musculoskeletal (Muscles, joints, nerve pain and tendons) conditions.  

this is an effective adjunct to treatment for those that do not tolerate or like taking too many medications. 

The treatment of acupuncture as a Physiotherapist can aid pains such as Arthritis, Nerve pain, Back Pain, Muscle tensions and tension headaches.

Services: Services


Lower Back and neck pain is a common complaint from alot of patients at SP Physio. Stressful lives, activities, and lifestyle mean that having back or neck pain can debilitate you. When managed correctly the results can be remarkable. With the right knowledge and understanding, Sara will work with you to aid in the management strategies and coping mechanisms for Lower back pain, while offering suitable treatment options based on your health and values.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class


 Sara has a background in Balance and Falls prevention, elderly care and rehab. She was a driving force to set up easier access for patients in Exeter in 2013 and this is still being used today. Although not practicing in Vertigo rehabilitation, Sara has set a steady basis to help strengthen and manage Rheumatic problems and those that suffer with balance problems due to the muscular system

Pilates Work Out


Sara Is also trained in Physio Pilates. This can be taught as a 1:1 or group basis. Pilates is a fantastic adjunct to Physiotherapy and postural awareness. It allows movements to become free-er and aches and pains to be alleviated through movement. Increasing core strength and stability can allow the body to work better as a whole and increase general day function. At a Sporting level it can be the difference between silver and Gold. It can help reduce aches and pains and allow you to take control of your body.

Indoor Soccer


Sara is able to treat and assess children from the age of 8-16 with an accompanying adult. Children pick up aches and pains in the same way we do as adults. it can be scary and confusing if not managed correctly and swiftly. Sara can help reassure both children and parents and formulate a plan to reduce the pain, discomfort or injury.

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